Commercial Truck GPS Management: Roofing Industry

Roofing Industry: GoFleet’s Commercial Truck GPS

Delivering high quality roofing services in the fast passed world we live in can be challenging. GoFleet is uniquely suited to help with commercial truck GPS services for your fleet of roofing work trucks.

Implementing a commercial truck GPS system from GoFleet has many valuable benefits including:

Increase Roofing Service Without Increasing Your Costs

The GoFleet commercial truck GPS system lets you easily manage your drivers, time spent at job sites, on-time arrivals, and dispatching. This allows you to improve productivity and increase efficiency. Experts found that implementing a GPS fleet management system can add an extra 1.3 hours of service time each day per worker. That is time that would have been wasted by inefficiency.

Improve Safety

Improve driver safety and the risk of lawsuits when you manage your drivers with a commercial truck GPS system. When your drivers drive poorly, it can damage your reputation. Remember, their driving behavior is a reflection on your business. Even more importantly, they could be putting their lives and the lives of others at risk by driving in an unsafe manner. GoFleet’s commercial truck GPS system provides reports on drivers’ habits so you can identify problems and immediately fix them.

Managing Your Fleet Is Easy

When you install commercial truck GPS devices in your work trucks, you are providing your managers with all the tools necessary to properly manage their team of drivers. Managers can easily configure fleet management reports so they get all of the relevant information they need. Even when your manager is not online, automated SMS text message or email alerts can be set up to notify them of any driving issues. Alerts can be set up for driver speeding, excessive idling or route deviation. When your managers have the tools they need to succeed, your business will succeed. Running an efficient fleet can cut your operating costs, reduce labor, increase productivity and improve customer service.