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Transportation Solutions

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Conduct live tracking of vehicles to better align your maintenance and repair objectives. When the odometer, engine health and vehicle fault codes are closely monitored, fleets can better plan when preventative maintenance should be conducted to reduce costly breakdowns and repairs. Further increase technician wrench time by scheduling work orders and assigning them to the appropriate technician.

Routing and Dispatching

Use a smart dispatching and routing solution in the form of a mobile app to allow drivers to have complete control of their trips. Ensure that all relevant route information is automatically collected and stored by the GPS tracking and custom form features. Take advantage of instant route updates and compare planned vs actual route performance with the help of advanced analytics and intuitive reporting features.
Routing and Dispatching Routing and Dispatching
Safety and Training Safety and Training

Safety and Training

Use live video monitoring and recorded video footage to identify at-risk drivers and their unsafe driving practices. Take advantage of dash cam footage in combination with advanced safety features to easily pinpoint pain areas of drivers and customize training by offering real time driver coaching or unique training programs.

Reporting Dashboard/Managed Services

Get help from industry experts in defining fleet policy based on KPI targets and company goals. Get recommendations on improving overall fleet performance in terms of fuel efficiency, idling cost, driver safety, vehicle utilization and HOS compliance. Let experts highlight your fleet’s pain areas, do the risk assessment and come up with an action plan to increase productivity and efficiency of the fleet.
fleet management report fleet management report


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