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Delivery Solutions

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Use live GPS tracking and reporting features for delivery vehicles to gather data such as arrival and departure times, distance travelled, and driver behaviour statistics. Allow for KPIs to be set and actions to be taken to practice driver and cargo safety. Mitigate business disruptions with real-time sensors that allow you to monitor security, condition, and efficiency of your goods and assets.

Routing and Dispatching

Use smart dispatching software to automatically dispatch new deliveries or routes to drivers based on their workload and proximity to delivery locations. When a new job comes up that a driver is in the same geographical area of, alerts can be sent for drivers to accept the new job. Use real-time delivery vehicle movement data to calculate accurate ETAs for customers to use. In addition, use route optimization tools to get the best possible route to the desired delivery location with traffic conditions to ensure on-time delivery.
Routing and Dispatching Routing and Dispatching
Safety and Training Safety and Training

Safety and Training

Use smart dashcam solutions to evaluate the behaviours and skills of drivers. When poor or dangerous driving is detected, have alerts sent so you can review what happened during their trip. Even have the ability to use online learning platforms to assign additional training if safety procedures are not followed.

Managed Services

Get insights on your fleet’s performance in terms of vehicle productivity and driver safety. Get recommendations and corrective actions from our data analysis experts to improve overall performance to meet the industry standard. See how accident avoidance strategies, stop time vs driving time comparables and more can help you complete more routes with your current fleet.
delivery monitoring and tracking solution display delivery monitoring and tracking solution display


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