Public Transportation

Public Transportation

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Public Transportation Solutions

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

View real-time GPS location of public transportation assets. Ensure that riders who are waiting on route are aware of the live location of the vehicle with updates about the estimated arrival time. Even include information about the current passenger load so future riders are aware of available seating or space. During rush hour or traffic events, this is critical to keeping riders happy with their experience.

Routing and Dispatching

Monitor the location and demand of public transportation assets. Review passenger demand and route data to ensure that there are sufficient assets deployed daily to accommodate the ridership. Even have the ability to view when high demand times or events occur to deploy extra vehicles. Use similar processes to send replacement vehicles when breakdowns occur.
Routing and Dispatching Routing and Dispatching
Safety and Training Safety and Training

Safety and Training

Use connected camera solutions to not only monitor driving behaviour but record the events around the asset. When a driving incident is reported, review footage to see what led to the incident so proper disciplinary actions can be taken. Even have the ability to monitor the compliance of passengers abiding to new public health regulations such as mask wearing with smart AI recognition features.

Reporting Dashboard/Managed Services

View the status of public transportation fleets at a quick glance. Have the ability to view routes in progress with live updates on whether vehicles are on time or delayed. Look into vehicle performance to see idling trends, engine reports and more. Use the data collected over time to review whether route demand or ridership is changing and how future routes may be changed to ensure productivity and efficiency.
public transport monitoring and tracking solution display public transport monitoring and tracking solution display


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