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What Is Sourcewell? What Is Sourcewell?

What Is Sourcewell?

GoFleet is partners with Geotab who is registered with Sourcewell as a member. One of the benefits of partnering with Geotab means that we are able to offer our customers Geotab’s pre-negotiated an agreement to offer governmental, educational and nonprofit entities with various GPS tracking, engine diagnostics, as well as telematics solutions and accessories. With competitively priced solutions, we make it easier for Sourcewell members across Canada and the USA, to easily deploy the proper tools required to optimize operations, keep costs low and better serve the public.

What Being A Sourcewell Contract Member Means For Our Customers

GoFleet is dedicated to helping fleets around the world improve their operations to help them meet any and all of their needs. Whether it’s to help keep costs low, increase productivity, increase visibility or provide the public with a view of their operations, we understand telematics play an important role.

To help governments accomplish this - our pre negotiated pricing under Sourcewell Contract, which streamlines the buying and implementation process without the need of going through tedious RFP processes, will ensure you receive competitive pricing and cutting edge solutions.

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What Our Implementation Process Looks Like

Register for Sourcewell’s FREE program to obtain an official Sourcewell account number

Search for Geotab’s awarded supplier contract to learn more about the Geotab products, industries and countries we serve

Skip the public RFP process and save time by contacting us about the solutions or products you would be interested in. We will quickly provide a quote that will lay out customized solutions - at a price point that is significantly lower than the competition.

Our Experience & How You Can Work With Us

If you’re a government or non-profit fleet, it’s possible that Sourcewell pricing can be available to you. With experience helping many organizations and hundreds of vehicles implement telematics products and solutions, we know we can offer your industry leading tools at competitive pricing.

Some of the industries who use our Sourcewell pricing include:

First responders
Winter Maintenance
Non Public Schools
Non Profit Organizations
Our Experience & How You Can Work With Us Our Experience & How You Can Work With Us