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Installation (5)

Powerful Plug & Play GPS Fleet Management Solutions From GoFleet

Learn how to get started and grow your business with plug and play solutions.

How To Install The Geotab GO6 Device With Garmin

Learn how to install the Geotab GO6 with Garmin as well as the tools and parts you will need.

Universal 9-Pin Heavy Duty T-Harness Installation

Learn how to install the Geotab Universal 9-Pin HD T-Harness.

Easy Install GO Device On 2012 Ford Focus

Learn how to install the T-Harness on a 2012 Ford Focus.

GPS Device Install | Universal OBD II T-Harness Kit Installation

Learn how to install the Universal OBD II T-Harness.

Getting Started (5)

Manage Users And Security

Learn how to adjust the level of access a user has or what data a user can view.

Creating & Adding New Zones

Learn how to create zones or points of interest on your live map so you can review trip history and create rule based alerts.

Using The Live Map In My.Geotab

Understand the basics of using a live map in MyGeotab.

Adding & Setting Up New Vehicles

Learn how to add and set up new vehicles in MyGeotab.

Setting Up Personal Options

Learn how to set up your personal options in MyGeotab including setting up your measuring system, changing your time zone and more.

Geotab Drive: HOS Training (4)

Geotab Drive: How To Guide For DVIR

Learn how to use the DVIR portion of the Geotab Drive app.

Geotab Drive: A Complete Walkthrough

Watch a complete walk through of Geotab Drive to learn how drivers can access the app for ELD compliance.

Geotab Drive | How To Guide For Hours Of Service (HOS)

Learn how to use the Geotab Drive app for HOS, DVIR, messaging and more.

Geotab Drive Admin | Where Do I Start?

Learn how to navigate MyGeotab Hours of Service Admin.

Supervisor Advanced Training (8)

Dispatching & Hours Of Service With Garmin

Learn how you can improve dispatching and monitor Hours of Service with Garmin.

Send Route To Garmin Navigation

Learn how to send an entire route to a vehicle’s Garmin device.

Manage Your Drivers With Garmin Integration

Learn how the Garmin device works inside vehicles with the Geotab GO device.

How To View Engine Measurements

Learn how to view engine measurements in MyGeotab by selecting a particular date, vehicle(s) or diagnostic.

How To View Engine Faults

Learn how to view and understand engine faults in MyGeotab.

Setting Up Fleet Maintenance Reminders

View a maintenance management system so you can conduct maintenance efficiently.

Routing, Route Optimization & Balance

Learn how to report on the balance of your routes.

Creating Routes & Route Plans

Learn how to create new routes and route plans in MyGeotab.

Sales & Marketing (10)

Transforming Fleet Management

Make proper decisions for your fleet by analyzing the right vehicle data provided by Geotab.

Geotab Telematics Pillar: Fleet Optimization

Properly measuring fleet performance begins with the software solutions you are using.

Fleet Safety Solutions Bundle

Learn how ZenduCAM can be leveraged through the MyGeotab platform to help you increase safety and lower driving incidents.

BeWhere Bluetooth Tracking Tags For Managing Assets

Learn how our Bluetooth beacons can track your assets and manage your inventory at a low-cost.

Geotab Telematics Pillar: Driver Safety

Learn how telematics technology can help keep your drivers safe with driver specific habit monitoring and more.

Geotab Telematics Pillar: Fleet Compliance

Learn how telematics technology can help your fleet remain compliant.

Active Live GPS Tracking By GoFleet & Geotab

Learn how Active Tracking works in MyGeotab.

ZenduCAM: HD Live Streaming Vehicle Incident Camera

Learn how dash cameras can be leveraged by your fleet to keep your drivers safe and costs low.

Transportation Fleet & Compliance Management | ELD HOS DVIR

Learn about fleet management systems that can help ensure you are always compliant to changing rules and regulations.

Eliminate High Fuel Costs With GoFleet

Learn how a fleet management system can address fuel usage in fleets with vehicle tracking, driver scoring and more.

Testimonials (2)

Pelham Family Estate Winery Testimonial

Learn how ZenBeacons are used within a winey to collect precise weather, vines and vineyard information.

Technicore Underground Testimonial

Learn how GoFleet solutions are used by Technicore Underground’s 30+ trucks to ensure proper maintenance.