Dare To Compare: GPS Tracker Systems

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Industry Leading Features

Many companies talk about leading the pack. We actually do it.

Leading Real-Time GPS Tracker Data

We offer an industry leading 15 second tracking refresh rate and second by second historical trip history. We believe every second counts. Competitive systems are often minute by minute, as much as 10-20 minute refresh and ignore essential GPS tracker curve data.

Audible Driver Feedback

Set real-time audible in-vehicle driver alerts based on aggressive driving habits such as speeding and idling to reduce liability and fuel costs. This unique industry leading GPS tracker feature has helped companies such as Orkin save over $40 million on accident and liability costs.

Diagnose Vehicle Faults

Diagnostics gives you real-time visibility to fuel usage, engine temperature, faults, power-take-off hours, seat-belt status and much more. Setup rules & reports to prevent downtime and ensure compliance. Competitive solutions offer little to no diagnostic data.

Garmin Integration

Optimize and dispatch routes, stops and messages directly to your drivers.

NFC Driver-ID

We offer the world’s first near field communication (NFC) driver id tag solution. NFC technology makes it easy for drivers to scan wirelessly into their vehicles.

Maintenance Reminders

See maintenance history and reminders by engine hours, time, distance.

Hours of Service (EOBR, Driver Logs)

Don’t find yourself having to keep reinvesting in new hardware that is not expansion ready. With our revolutionary plug & play IOX expansion port you can easily add our Garmin/Android based HOS/DVIR solutions at any time in the future.

We make it Easy to Use

A powerful fleet management GPS tracker system does not need to be complicated.

Plug and Play Install

Get up and running in seconds. Installs are simple, tamper proof and easy to manage. Competitor wired Installs can cause headaches with installs, warranty and vehicle start.

Mobile Phone View

See your fleet at all times from your mobile Smart Phone or iPad, Android or Windows tablet.

Build your own automated Excel reports

Don’t waste time formatting reports each week. Our solution allows you the ability to customize excel templates to powerful and meaningful formats. We work with you one on one to show you how to leverage this customization to streamline your reporting and address your pain areas.

Coverage & Longevity

We offer the widest range of wireless and satellite options, and all our hardware is 3G ensuring maximum GPS tracker coverage and longevity in communication (versus limited life and coverage GSM based solutions).

Free Software Development Kit

Integrate Routing, ERP, GIS/ESRI mapping systems with ease with our powerful free license SDK tools.

Truly Dedicated to our Customers

Our dedicated fleet consultants work with you to ensure you get the most out of our solution and your fleet.

North American Built

We ensure durability that lasts for years to come with world class engineering and manufacturing. We design and build hardware and software under one roof to ensure tight integration and support. Competitor hardware manufacturing and design is often outsourced and often not supported beyond contract terms.

Price Guarantee!

Feature for feature we will match any competitor!