Fleet Driver Safety Tracking Improves Driving Habits

It is normal for a fleet manager to always want his drivers to be on their best behavior. However, this is not always the case. Each company will always have employees with an aggressive style of driving who will often take unnecessary risks in traffic. This can be a problem for multiple reasons. For starters, the constant accelerating and braking used by an aggressive driver results in fuel-inefficiency. A fleet manager will want all of his vehicles to be driven in a smooth and safe manner whenever it is being used in order to maximize fuel efficiency. With GoFleet’s driver safety tracking, fleet managers can track a vehicle throughout the day—how hard your employees corner, how hard they brake, their fuel consumption, etc.

Bad Publicity

Another issue is the image that these drivers are creating for their companies. When one of their drivers cuts somebody off in traffic or exhibits risky behavior on the road, not only does this anger other drivers but the reputation of your business is tainted and compromised. Suffice to say, bad news travels faster than good news and your company will have a public relations nightmare if your drivers engage in unsafe driving behaviour. Your employees represent your business.

Having an unsafe driver is simply bad for business. Your employees’ actions can cost you money. If your driver ever gets into an accident, it is the employer that is left footing the bill and having to pay more on insurance. That is where fleet employee safety tracking will make a world of difference. With GoFleet’s OBD GPS Tracking System, you will have all the necessary details at your fingertips and you will be able to track the driving performance of each of your employees.

GoFleet’s Driver Safety Tracking

Having this kind of accountability will only serve to make all of your drivers more responsible on the road. You do not need to be constantly checking up on them in order to make sure that they are driving responsibly. By integrating GoFleet’s Driver Safety Tracking, most drivers will represent your company well on the field. By giving you the best resources possible and give you up-to-date metrics, you will be able to rectify any business inefficiencies.

The most impressive aspect of a fleet employee safety tracking system is the level of detail it provides. You can find out anything from average speeds to top speeds to hard braking and this can give you a clear picture of how each of your drivers behaves in traffic. This can also make it much easier for you to set future goals for the company. It will be much easier for you to monitor the developments and see which drivers are complying with your business goals and objectives.

Then there is also the aspect of the drivers that do everything by the book. Until now, it may have been hard to differentiate the exemplary employees in your workforce. Through GoFleet’s driver safety tracking system, we help report those who standout and create new benchmarks in what constitutes an exemplary employee. You can compensate and rate performances accordingly.

Driving the Fleet Safety Movement