Improve Safety, Stay compliant, and Boost Efficiency.Special Pricing for

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Collision detection and notification

Reduce Accidents

Monitor Risky Driving behaviors and Coach your drivers better

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Avoid Violations

Accurately track Hours of Service (HOS) and Stay up to date with regulations

Reduce Inefficiencies

Reduce Inefficiencies

Avoid poor route planning, reduce downtime and fuel consumption

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Safety is everybody’s business.

Affordable and easy-to-install GPS vehicle tracking solution with user-friendly software makes it the number one choice among fleet managers.

Most Accurate and Reliable GPS Tracking software with in-Vehicle Driver Coaching to Improve driving habits.

Set up custom rules for your unique business setup. From speeding, idling, hard braking, seat belt, etc

Engine and Battery Health Assessments

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Electronic Logging Devices - ELOGS

Electronic Logging Devices - ELOGS

Increased safety on the road: Track Accurate driving time, ensure drivers comply with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations, and reduce the risk of driver fatigue.

Reduced administrative tasks and errors: Automate the logging and reporting process. Reduce errors and duplication of effort, saving time and money.

Optimized fleet management: ELDs provide real-time data on the fleet's location, speed, and driving behavior. Optimize route planning, identify areas for driver training, and monitor fuel consumption.

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Enhanced driver safety with advanced Dual-Facing Dashcams

Improved driver safety: Monitor driver behavior, such as distracted driving or aggressive behavior, and provide feedback on how to improve driver safety. Be notified of unsafe behaviors, reducing the chance of accidents and improving driver safety.

Accurate Incident recording: Dual-facing dashcams can provide a more conclusive picture of the events leading up to the accident and the reaction of both drivers, which can help to avoid legal disputes and expedite insurance claims.

Reduced costs: Dual-facing dashcams can help reduce insurance premiums, reduce legal liability, and lower accident investigation costs.

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Asset Tracking - Indoor and Outdoor

Asset Tracking - Indoor and Outdoor

Real-time asset location tracking: Get real-time location data on assets, track types of equipment and prevent loss and theft.

Increased asset utilization: Better utilize assets and ensure they are being used efficiently.

Increased operational efficiency: Monitor the status of assets, enabling better resources.

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