Fleet Maintenance Program: Reduce Liability & Increase Safety

How A Fleet Maintenance Program Can Reduce Your Business’ Liability & Increase Safety

Businesses with fleet operations have many unique costs associated with their fleet. Vehicles require a significant amount of capital investment, in addition to maintenance and fuel costs. Many business owners and fleet managers often overlook the hidden costs associated with fleet operations. If there is a lack of safety measures for the fleet, businesses could incur a significant amount of out-of-pocket expenses, increase liabilities and put people’s lives in jeopardy. Implementing GoFleet’s fleet maintenance program is an easy way to improve safety, protect mobile assets and protect a business from unnecessary liabilities.

A Focus On Vehicle Safety

When a business implements GoFleet’s fleet maintenance program, they will automatically improve the safety of the vehicles, drivers and others on the road. Businesses will be able significantly reduce or eliminate payments for traffic tickets or accidents. As a matter of fact, the true cost of an accident is actually 2% to 10% higher than the accident’s direct costs. That is because the true costs of accident has a variety of hidden factors including: lost revenue while the vehicle is out of operation, failure to meet deadlines, increased insurance premiums, lost labor while driver is at the accident scene, missed jobs, and damage to the business’ public relations.

Furthermore, the business could be faced with finding a replacement for the injured driver. These costs could include job advertisement costs, driver performance tests, background checks, drug screening, training, and orientation, etc.

Improve Driving Habits

According to a study by the Large Truck Crash Causation, 87.2% of all large truck at-fault accidents are related to the driver’s poor driving habits. Without a GPS fleet maintenance program, it is hard to ensure your drivers’ safety compliance. With GoFleet’s fleet maintenance program, business owners and fleet managers have the ability to monitor their drivers’ behavior and take steps to improve it. Businesses can be notified immediately when a driver is speeding or driving aggressively. The alerts can appear on the fleet management software screen, flagged in management reports or be sent instantly via text message or email. These instant alerts allow the business owners or fleet managers to take immediate corrective action toward the offending driver. Management reports can also be used to identify habitual offenders so that long-term corrective action can be taken.

Using a proactive vehicle maintenance program, you can reduce your liability and increase your drivers’ safety. For more information about how partnering with GoFleet can enhance your business, Contact Us.