Fleet Management Challenges

Fleet Management Made Easier

Today, fleet managers are under pressure to minimize fleet costs but are missing the information necessary to make informed decisions. It is important fleet managers have access to the tools they need to better manage their vehicles and drivers on a daily basis; fleet management technology provides these necessary tools. This information, paired with the appropriate follow-up by management, can help achieve significant cost savings. The key challenges fleet managers can face daily include:

Unnecessary Vehicle Idling
Fleet Manager’s may recognize unnecessary and excessive idling can be a significant contribution to operating costs, not all fleet managers know the extent of their fleet idling or what areas they should focus on. GoFleet’s Geotab fleet management solution enables fleet managers to:

  • Visualize total fleet idling as a whole
  • Measure idling in the yard, at drop off locations, at customer stops etc.
  • Understand idling as a percentage of total engine time
  • Monitor weekly and monthly idling trends with easy to use custom reports

Fleet Managers equipped with this knowledge can more easily identify the drivers, vehicles, and locations that exceed acceptable levels of idling and take corrective action. Reducing unnecessary idling is a simple way to reduce fuel costs.

Repairs and Maintenance
Vehicle downtime and fleet repairs are an expensive cost that fleet managers deal with daily. Managing these costs can be a major challenge. Using GoFleet’s Geotab fleet management solution fleet managers can:

  • View vehicle diagnostic codes right from a mobile or desktop device
  • Quickly identify potential vehicle issues which assists in prioritizing repairs
  • Set up regular maintenance reminders

When fleet managers act on this information, they can identify vehicle issues before they become major repairs and more efficiently manage vehicle maintenance. This can help reduce vehicle downtime and major repair costs which is an essential part to all operations. Additionally, regular maintenance on vehicles can likely prolong the life of major vehicle parts as well as increase the longevity vehicles.

Fleet Productivity
Are you getting the most out of your vehicles? Fleet managers constantly aim to achieve maximizing one’s fleet potential. GoFleet’s Geotab solution can provide important insight into the productivity of a fleet:

  • Fleet utilization visibility
  • Number of customer stops made in a day
  • Time spent at the office versus customer site
  • Real time dispatch and ability to identify nearest vehicle to a location
  • Driver’s congregating reporting
  • Routing

Gaining insight into the routes taken each day and knowing the utilization of vehicles can help fleet managers recognize where changes are needed to improve fleet efficiency and avoid unnecessary distance driven. Having access to this valuable information helps management make informed decisions on purchasing new vehicles. For example, vehicles identified as not in use can be re-assigned to locations that require extra vehicles, helping to eliminate the need to make big purchases that are unnecessary.

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Original Article Written by: Laurelle Flewelling, Account Manager at Geotab