Fleet Management Services: Common Myths

Common Myths About Fleet Management Services

There are several common misconceptions about implementing fleet management services based on assumptions made by companies with no GPS fleet management experience. Actual fleet management service users tell a much different story based on their experience with the technology. The following misconceptions have been disproven by actual users of GoFleet’s fleet management services:

Our Company Does Not Need GPS Tracking Because We Trust Our Drivers

The purpose of fleet management services is not to monitor your drivers’ every move. It is about making your business more efficient and reducing unnecessary operating costs. It has been proven that GPS tracking systems reduce maintenance costs, increase fuel efficiency, increase dispatching and routing efficiency, improve driver safety and improve customer service.

Our Drivers Will Quit Working For Our Company If We Use Real Time Tracking

GoFleet’s experience with their customers contradicts this myth. Once GoFleet’s fleet management services are implemented, your drivers will find that they depend on the additional roadside assistance, routing information, and automated time card entries. The GPS tracking system eliminates a lot of time-consuming paperwork. It also provides additional driver and cargo security while on the road.

Fleet Management Services Are Too Complicated To Install And Use

GoFleet’s tracking system is easy to install and even easier to use. The fleet management software is user-friendly with easy to understand management data, vehicle tracking and maps. GoFleet has many knowledgeable technicians available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have both before and after the system is installed.

GPS Fleet Tracking Is Not Necessary Because Our Drivers Have Cell Phones

Unlike cell phones with GPS capabilities, GoFleet’s fleet management services provide a lot of valuable information for fleet managers including start and stop times, engine status, vehicle location, fuel consumption, mileage and driving patterns. In addition, cell phones can cause safety issues on the road when drivers are trying to read them.

It is time to join GoFleet’s customers and start making your business more efficient. There is no reason to be wasting hard earned money on unnecessary expenses such as high fuel costs and inaccurate labor costs. For more information, contact one of our fleet consultants today: 1-888-998-1122.