Fleet Management Solution For Your Small Fleet

Small Fleet Management Solution

Productivity, Safety, Fleet Optimization, Compliance & Expandability make up the five pillar approach. This supports our ongoing innovation and assists businesses in making improvements in identified target areas. Each pillar offers a different way for businesses to save money and time. Unfortunately, many assume large fleets are the only ones to achieve significant savings; it’s important to recognize small to medium sized fleets can also reap these benefits.

How Small Are Small Fleets?

According to Frost and Sullivan, approximately 80% of fleets have under 10 vehicles, and most of these fleets do not have a fleet management solution (telematics). Also, it’s interesting to note that in order to be considered a “fleet”, a business must have bought 5 vehicles in a year and have a total of 15 vehicles in operation. In the June 2015 issue of Automotive Fleet, it’s explained that any commercial entities with under 15 vehicles are not considered to be a fleet.

Why Choose GoFleet & Geotab For Small Fleet Tracking?

1) Low initial investment

Some common initial expenses often associated with a new fleet management solution include: installation, testing, calibration and vehicle downtime during the setup process. Lucky for you, GoFleet & Geotab have made it as easy and low-cost as possible to get started. Geotab’s GO GPS devices are plug-and-play, not only do they eliminate install fees, but they also plug directly into the vehicle’s OBDII port, allowing for almost no downtime, and communication almost immediately after install. These benefits makes the Gofleet ideal small fleet management solution.

Minimal Entry Learning Curve

The learning curve involved in a barrier for any new tasks. Since a multi-tasking fleet manager is more likely for smaller fleets, although a fleet management solution may seem intriguing, finding enough time to properly utilize the solution may not seem achievable.

However, some of the features that can save you the most money (like in-cab driver alerts/coaching or maintenance warnings) are very quick and easy to learn and offer a high benefit-to-work ratio. For example, we frequently see our customers experience 5-10% fuel savings as a result of improved driver behavior alone, with other cases reaching beyond that. We also see savings of around 11% (but sometimes even up to 25%) on car insurance by adopting a small fleet management solution. Low initial investment combined with automated savings mean you’ll se a return on investment sooner than ever.

3) Ultimate flexibility and customization

On top of the many saving benefits, many small fleets are currently taking advantage of our customizable solution. There are thousands of compelling and unique ways to optimize and grow your business using our fleet management solution. For example, one of our current customers Boston Pizza, was looking for a solution to track their drivers. Not only did they gain real-time driver visibility, but with our solution they were also able to double the volume of their deliveries. Through the many add-ons we also have available, Excel reports, and the SDK, we are confident we can help you grow and better manager your business.

Our small fleet customers are able to save more than ever through our fleet management solution. We are also happy to offer weekly free training sessions and custom database configurations.

Original Article By: Jay Boychuk, European Solutions Engineer at Geotab