Fleet Manager GPS: Pest Control Fleet Management

Manage Your Fleet Of Pest Control Vehicles With Fleet Manager GPS

When you run a pest control business, your vehicles are on the road all day servicing your clients. It is important that you keep track of your drivers’ location so you can ensure your customers are receiving the best service. With GoFleet’s fleet manager GPS, you can gain a competitive advantage by keeping your customer satisfaction high, reducing your overhead costs and increasing your profit margin.

GoFleet’s fleet manager GPS will provide valuable information that will help you make better business decisions about your fleet. Your fleet managers will have access to efficient routing and dispatching tools. They will be able to look at the web-based software to see where each vehicle is located and dispatch the closest vehicle to a job site. This will keep your customers happy and allow more jobs to be completed each day.

Even when your managers are offline, they can continue to manage your fleet of pest control vehicles. Fleet managers can setup alerts that can be sent via SMS text message or email. They will be notified, in real-time, when drivers deviate from their route, drive aggressively, idle excessively or speed. In the case that an issue arises with the driver, the instant alert gives the manager ample time to contact the driver so they can correct their behavior immediately. This will ensure your drivers are driving safely and not wasting fuel.

GoFleet’s fleet manager GPS will improve your customer satisfaction rate. You can provide your clients with an accurate estimated time of arrival so they will not be stuck waiting for your pest control technicians to arrive. You will not have to worry about your drivers making unauthorized stops that cause a delay in service.

When you implement GoFleet’s fleet manager GPS, the management tools can drastically reduce your overhead costs, labor and vehicle maintenance costs. Using the fleet managing software, you will be able to run your pest control business more efficiently. You can reduce your labor costs by making sure your technicians are working productively and providing more efficient routing. GoFleet’s fleet manager GPS will help you get the most out of your business and your pest control technicians.