Improve Driver Performance With Fleet Tracking Solutions & Employee Incentives

Fleet Tracking Solutions Improve Driver Performance

Fleet tracking solutions offer many advantages; one in particular is it can help identify which employees have poor driving habits. Not only does this cause safety issues for your drivers and other people on the road, it is wasting company money on fuel and could be adding extra wear and tear to the vehicle.

It is crucial to tell your drivers if fleet tracking solutions will be implemented because that alone is going to improve their driving habits. Many of our clients installed the solution and noticed huge improvements within the first few weeks without having to discuss their drivers poor driving habits. When fleet tracking solutions are introduced properly, and you clearly explain what you hope to accomplish with the solution (such as reduced fuel costs by reducing idling and speeding) they will likely want to improve their driving on their own.

To assist you on implementation check out this download:
How to Successfully Introduce GPS Tracking to Your Team.

For those drivers who don’t improve on their own, fleet tracking solutions will help identify what drivers are costing you the most money (through speeding, idling, hard braking etc.) You may want to start out by addressing your drivers as a group, to avoid singling anyone out. This way you can bring up the most commonly seen issues to your drivers as a whole – and hope they all improve. If you are still struggling with a few individual drivers, it’s then best you sit down with them to discuss how their habits are wasting fuel and causing a safety concern, and what they can do to improve.

Employee Incentives for Most Improved Drivers

We have experienced many of our clients in the past creating a friendly company competition between all the drivers to see who can be the most successful. It makes it more fun for the employees to all compete for the best driver scorecard for the week. Some of our clients also start an incentive program to encourage drivers to have the best driving behaviour in the company.

Here are a couple ideas for employee incentives to improve driver performance:

  • Financial Incentive/Gift Cards
    Everyone responds to financial incentives. This is better for larger fleets with fluctuating numbers. You could do a monthly or quarterly financial incentive or gift card to the driver with the lowest idling cost, the fewest amount of driving incidents, the lowest amount of speeding infractions or a combination of everything.
  • Employee of the Month
    This is a fun, easy, low cost incentive a company of any size can offer. You could reward the best driver for the month the title of “Employee of the Month” and this could grant them various privileges around the office.
  • Group Incentive
    If you would prefer to do an office reward you could set goals for the entire office to be involved with. This might be staying under a certain amount of idling or keeping the number of driving infractions for the fleet, under a specific goal. As a reward to the office if the goals are met, you could take them all out for lunch, throw a pizza party, or let everyone off early one Friday before a long weekend.

The ideas are endless and your drivers will respond to GPS vehicle tracking whether you offer an incentive or not; offering an incentive may simply give that extra boost to drivers who take a little more convincing of the benefits of fleet tracking solutions.

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