GPS Fleet Tracker Offers Many Unexpected Benefits

Many Unexpected Benefits Offered By GoFleet’s GPS Fleet Tracker

Companies are not just using GoFleet’s GPS fleet tracker to locate their vehicles, they are using the system to manage the drivers, make their fleet more efficient and reduce costs. Once the system is installed these companies realize that there are so many additional unexpected benefits.

Businesses face issues such as excessive fuel usage, vehicle preventative maintenance, stolen assets, and inaccurate labor costs. After a GoFleet GPS fleet tracker is installed, routing and dispatching is simplified and many of these issues can easily be addressed.

Excessive Fuel Usage

When a business uses a GoFleet’S GPS fleet tracker, they can increase fuel efficiency and reduce excessive fuel usage. Alerts can be sent directly to the fleet manager if a diver idles excessively so the issue can be addressed immediately. In addition, reports can be created for each driver to determine their fuel usage and idling times.

Vehicle Preventative Maintenance

Scheduling preventative maintenance can be a difficult and labor intensive with many fleet vehicles. It is easy to miss a preventative maintenance activity. With GoFleet’s GPS fleet tracker, vehicle preventative is easy and fleet managers will never forget when their vehicles are due for maintenance. Easy reminders can be set up for all maintenance activities based on mileage, time, or engine hours.

Stolen Assets

If a vehicle is stolen, GoFleet’s GPS fleet tracker can help recover the vehicle quickly. This will prevent unnecessary down time for the driver and the vehicle. Information about the vehicle’s location can be used by the police to recover the vehicle.

Inaccurate Labor Costs

Many fleet managers are shocked to find out how much they were paying in inaccurate labor costs after they install the GoFleet GPS tracker. Once the system is set up, the GPS fleet tracker can be used as an automatic time clock for the drivers. The drivers will not be able to increase their hours or claim unworked overtime. Many businesses find that they save money as soon as the system is implemented on inaccurate labor costs.