GPS Fleet Tracking: How To Work with Unions

GPS Fleet Tracking for Unions

Unfortunately, some unions are against the use of GPS fleet tracking devices, as many Government fleet managers are already aware. In an article in the Fairfield Citizen, union workers often refer to GPS devices as a morale buster. Union workers are fixated on the misconceptions of GPS fleet tracking and are normally not aware of the many benefits that are present.

Misconceptions Union Employees Have About GPS Tracking

  1. Constantly monitoring them is an invasion of privacy
  2. It will only be used to punish employees
  3. Shows staff that management does not trust them to do their jobs
  4. GPS devices are too expensive

Firstly, just because a GPS device is installed in your vehicle, does not mean management spends their entire day watching your every move. Do you think managers have the time to do that? If there were an emergency and a driver was needed on site as fast as possible, they could then easily pull up the map and locate the closest driver and dispatch him or her to the emergency location. This is more of a realistic scenario the devices would be used for, not constant 24/7 monitoring.

The fleet managers we work with on a daily basis are much more focused on rewarding positive driver behaviour rather than ‘punishing’ the negative. Of course if negative driver behaviour is an issue, they will address it, but they would rather focus on promoting the positive.

If a driver is constantly speeding, the manager is not only protecting the company image, they are protecting the driver from getting a ticket and potentially increasing insurance premiums and hurting his or her driving record.

It is not that management does not trust the employees, it’s that they are looking to better optimize business operations as a whole.

Our GPS fleet management system offers the ROI people are looking for. With limitless reporting options, driver coaching, route planning, and so much more, you can expect a return on investment sometimes in as little as a few months!

How to Successfully Introduce Union Workers to GPS Fleet Tracking:

  • Communicate Effectively: It’s no surprise that your union drivers may have an issue with GPS tracking devices being installed in their vehicles; which is why it’s important to educate them on the benefits of the system for the organization as a whole. The more they know, the more likely they are to see the benefits and accept the system.
  • Coaching, Not Punishment Make sure union drivers are aware the technology will be used for coaching not for punishment.
  • Share the Benefits When workers know they are doing a good job, they often excel even further. If one or multiple employees have greatly improved their driving habits make sure you tell them. Consider also having an incentive program for workers to work toward to improve their driving habits.
  • Protect Union Workers from Discrepancies You will always have solid proof if there is ever any misunderstandings, fraudulent claims, etc. between a citizen and a worker.

What Does GPS Tracking Actually Offer?

  • Improve and Simplify Dispatching = Better Response Times
  • Improve Employee Safety Reduce Poor Driving Habits, Reduce Accidents
  • Streamline Maintenance Reduce vehicle downtime, track odometer readings, inform operators when the vehicle is due for maintenance
  • Proof Of Job Completion Never be unsure of a job being completed or not, know how long a job takes, eliminate time card discrepancies