GPS Fleet Tracking Software: Valuable Interactive Dashboards

Valuable Interactive Dashboards with MapsBI and GPS Fleet Tracking Software

MapsBI is an add-on to GoFleet’s GPS fleet tracking software that provides users with valuable interactive dashboards for metrics such as fuel usage, idling times, exceptions and stop times. It connects directly to all of GoFleet’s Geotab Go devices to provide automated and instant access to these key performance metrics.

In addition, users have the ability to create interactive overlay telematics data and visualizations with data from other systems such as dispatch, ERP, CRM and many other systems. This will allow you to have all of your line-of-business data conveniently funneled into one platform.

MapsBI GPS fleet tracking software comes with a set of standard dashboards for vehicle stop times, idling times, fuel usage and exceptions. It also has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop dashboard builder. Users can use this interface to create their own interactive dashboards for your company’s most important metrics. This means your users will be empowered to create valuable reports on-the-fly that can help save your business money.

Geographic data can be visualized using regional territory maps, markers, heat maps, digital gauges, charts and the top 10 lists. The information on MapsBI GPS fleet tracking software is extremely easy to filter. All you have to do is drill down and filter the data by multiple categories including vehicle, date, time, driver, zone or exception type.

Convenient dataset overlays allow you to overlay many layers on top of your telematics data including sales data and demographics. MapsBI GPS fleet tracking software lets you spend more time acting on insights from your data instead of just wasting time trying to access and understand it. Operational patterns and inefficiencies will be brought to your attention through easy-to-read dashboards allowing you to immediately correct the issues and reduce costs.

MapsGI GPS fleet tracking software will also help you save on administrative costs. Less operational time will be spent tracking basic fleet information because the GPS fleet tracking system will automatically track vehicle miles, arrival times, departure times, fuel fill-ups an fuel consumption.