Increase Driver Productivity with GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking will increase Driver Productivity

For those who run a business that relies on travel to customers to propagate your services, vehicle GPS systems are the productivity tool that now makes announcing services calls, required stops and everything else that can be transmitted to your fleet vehicles. Now more than ever, new and existing business are counting on the tracking technology of GPS systems, wired on-board their vehicles, to push for quicker services. Aside from speed, the below outline some other tactical reasons businesses should push for GPS systems in their fleets.

Automate Maintenance

Maintenance can slow down business, especially if you let your simplistic oil changes and tire rotations get out of hand. With a GPS unit, you will automatically be prompted when scheduled maintenance is due; from there, you can seamlessly fit your down time into a schedule, reset the GPS for a specific mileage reminder, and continue on with business.

Saves Repetitive Office Trips

Instead of wasting gasoline on driving back and forth to the office to get assignments, GPS units will receive data sent from a computer’s data entry system (order or call system) and immediately display where the worker is to go next. This cuts down on overspending of gas, paying for employee downtime, and increases productivity for the business involved.

Increase Responses

Some situations require immediate customer attention – such as a broke down heater in winter months, needing towed out of a ditch, or even data loss at a business. With advanced GPS tracking, you can route a service technician immediately to needed areas, allowing the problem to get solved. This increase in response time will not only build good customer rapport, but generate leads via word of mouth.

Insurance Premiums Lowered

Businesses will do anything to save a few bucks; since fleet insurance is already outrageous, you can lower the premiums by having this GPS unit, which can also act as a theft deterrent, emergency services location device, lowering your deductibles and overall yearly insurance rates. Businesses are huge fans of these devices for this reason, although as secondary perk.

With these benefits and so many more, businesses of any size cannot afford to do without a GPS unit in their fleet vehicles. Too many things can go wrong while you’re dispatching workers to various locations; don’t take any chances and begin to reap the benefits of GPS locator units placed in each of your fleet vehicles today.