Green Fleet Management

Many fleet managers are prioritizing green fleet management. Some people are challenging the fleet industry to go greener because the industry produces 27% of total greenhouse gas emissions. In recent years, many fleets answered the challenge and made great strides towards sustainable fleet management.

Benefits of Going Green

Green fleet management is not just about making the world a better place. It also helps businesses improve their bottom line.

Green fleet management

1) Operational savings

Fuel is one of the biggest expense items for fleets. Green fleet vehicles mean that fleets are using less or even no fuel and are saving money.

2) Government benefits

Some fleets go green to avoid getting fined from regulations. The same regulations also provide opportunities. Fleets are getting grants for green investments and are receiving tax credits for lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

3) Brand power

Responsible companies are winning over customers. Customers admire companies who are sustainable. For example, a taxi company in London openly advertises its green taxi fleet. Green Tomato Cars proudly tells customers that they only hire drivers who use hybrid vehicles.

Ideas for Green Fleet Management

Solar Power

Solar power is a clean alternative from using fuel and is rapidly growing. The demand for solar power has multiplied by more than sixfold over the past decade. Solar power’s growth is also making an impact in the fuel management industry. Let’s take a look at two examples.

A leader in the solar power industry is eNow. eNow developed several solar power technologies. One of their systems, for example, allows fleets to store solar power and use it to power truck and trailer functions.

Another application is GoFleet’s very own Solar Trax. Solar Trax is a trailer tracker that uses solar power. Green GPS fleet management tools such as Solar Trax is being recognized a way to make fleets sustainable. Rather than getting power from traditional sources, these trackers use a clean source.

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a big way to go green. Watch out for Tesla’s big reveal this fall. The ambitious manufacturer is scheduled to announce the Tesla Semi. The Tesla Semi is a fully electric truck and Tesla’s Elon Musk confirmed that there is already a prototype.

The Tesla Semi isn’t the only electric truck. Walmart is using hybrid electric trucks in urban areas. Urban areas have short enough routes to let trucks run on electricity before recharging. With these ideas, Walmart has increased fuel efficiency by 84% over the past few years.

Fleet Measurement

Several fleets use telematics to reduce fuel usage and create a cleaner Earth. Telematics allow fleets to measure different areas and to create strategies on how to reduce greenhouse gas emission.

3 focus areas for green fleet management includes:

Driving habits. Habits such as idling and aggressive driving waste fuel and increase greenhouse gas emission. Fleet managers use driver reports to identify areas for individual drivers to improve on.

Maintenance. An aging fleet vehicle also creates fuel wastage. Fleets use telematics to schedule check-ups and ensure vehicles are in good shape.

Smart routing. Another area of opportunity is figuring out what is the optimal route to take. Telematics help plan routes by assigning smart routes that reduce time on the road.