Improve Field Worker Management with GoBeacons

Keeping track of activity on a busy site can be a challenge for any manager, but GoBeacon asset tracking tags can be easily attached to pretty much any asset or worker to track locations and other relevant data. Together, a cluster of asset tags and data collection points can paint a picture for a manager of what is happening on the site.

Meet the GoBeacon Asset Tracking Tag

Each beacon is a small flat tag that is just over an inch long on each side (32 mm by 32 mm). It collects data from a variety of onboard sensors, including a GPS location tracker. It can also measure temperature, light exposure, and impact. The GoBeacons have a battery of two years and broadcasts their signal via Bluetooth over a radius of about 650 feet (200 m). That signal can be collected via a GoFleet Asset Tracker, a Bluetooth WiFi Hub, or any common Mobile Device. The information is then collected into the cloud where it can be easily accessed through the GoFleet software system from a computer or mobile device.

Attach The Small, Rugged Beacons Anywhere

The beacons can be attached to almost anything you need to keep track of. Common examples are trucks, trailers, and other vehicles. This can allow fleet managers to know exactly where the vehicle is and be alerted if it leaves its work area. Major pieces of equipment or expensive tools can also be tracked by the GoBeacons. Perhaps the greatest value of the beacons, however, is for field worker management where they can be use for employee location tracking. The small beacons can easily clip onto a shirt, clipboard, cell phone, keychain, or any other number of places that allow a worker to easily carry the beacon without constraining his or her work.

GoBeacons Have a Variety of Uses

GoBeacons can help with field worker management by monitoring personnel on a construction site or similar location. The beacons are weatherproof and they can easily provide notifications when a worker enters and exits the site. That data can be used to track work time and the beacons can also help rapidly locate a particular employee if needed. We also offer various integrations to help optimize scheduling and communications related to deliveries to the job site, and a man down system that can ensure managers become aware of injuries on the work site.

The beacons are also an inventory-management tool that can drastically reduce losses due to theft or simply misplacement of tools by field workers. Managers can set a geofence around a worksite and then set up alerts so that they are notified if a tool leaves the site unexpectedly. The beacons can also measure proximity to a smartphone and give off light or sound signals, and that allows field workers to find a missing tool if it has been tagged. This can result in huge time savings.