Make Life Easier with IFTA Software

As you likely already know, there are four parts to IFTA fuel tax forms: mileage, fuel, state and filing date. This sounds pretty straight forward, until you realize the information needs to be filled out for every single trip.

Fortunately, there is now lots of different IFTA software options available that make it much easier to stay in compliance with IFTA fuel tax reporting requirements (and we all know that noncompliance and inaccurate records can cost a pretty penny!).

If you’re struggling to figure out your IFTA payments, you’re not alone. IFTA management software is here to help, and while yes some are definitely better than others, they all strive to solve the same problem.

Top 5 Benefits of Implementing IFTA Software
  1. Eliminate Errors
    With automated IFTA reporting, there is little to no room for error. You no longer have to rely on your drivers to fill out forms; the software will collect all data, including trip sheets, mileage tax reports, and monthly fuel data and mileage, directly from the vehicle.
  2. Eliminate Data Entry
    Data entry can be tedious, boring, and time consuming. With IFTA software you’ll eliminate data entry all together freeing up time for more important tasks.
  3. Save Money
    IFTA is madatory, and when filled out incorrectly can result in a costly fine. By automating your IFTA reporting there is no human error meaning there will be no expensive fines.
  4. Go Green
    With automated IFTA reporting, you eliminate the need for paper entry – cutting down on costs and taking another step to being a greener company.
  5. Eliminate Outsourcing
    IFTA reporting can be complicated and time consuming, which is why you may outsource it to another company. With automated IFTA reporting built right into a GPS solution, you eliminate the extra cost and hassle of outsourcing.

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to IFTA software and start enjoying all the benefits of automated IFTA reporting today!

It’s easy to access automated IFTA reports with MyGeotab.
Check it out for yourself:
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