Mobile Fleet Management Solutions: 5 Important Benefits

5 Important Benefits of GoFleet’s Mobile Fleet Management Solutions

As fleet owners work to make their drivers’ lives easier, mobile fleet management solutions are becoming more and more popular. Below are five reasons you should consider implementing one of GoFleet’s Mobile Fleet Management Solutions in your fleet:

Reduced Paperwork

With GoFleet’s mobile fleet management solutions, drivers no longer have to keep mileage logs and signed receipts as poof of arrival. The GPS device reports all of the information directly to the fleet manager automatically. Fleet drivers appreciate the advanced technology of GoFleet’s mobile fleet management solutions because it reduces the amount of paperwork they have to do.

Easy To Use

GoFleet’s GPS fleet management system is simple for drivers and fleet managers to use. Scheduling and routing is faster and more efficient than ever. If a driver gets lost traveling to a remote location, the turn-by-turn directions will get the driver right back on track.

Improves Safety

Drivers can feel safer when they are driving a vehicle with one of GoFleet’s mobile fleet management solutions installed. The fleet managers will always know where the vehicle is located. If the vehicle breaks down or has an accident, the fleet manager can send someone to the vehicle’s location without delay. In addition, the driver does not have to worry as much about theft because the GPS device can help located the vehicle in the event the vehicle gets stolen.

Simplifies Vehicle Maintenance

Since mileage and other important vehicle information is automatically reported to the fleet management software system, electronic inspection forms will now contain complete and accurate information. In addition, this information can be used to set vehicle maintenance alerts based on the vehicle’s condition. Fleet managers will be able to identify any failure trends so that the vehicle can be repaired before the vehicle breaks down on the road.

Helps Recruit New Drivers

Drivers are more likely to accept driving jobs at companies that are using one of the mobile fleet management solutions. One reason for this is because drivers want to know that the company they are going to work for is investing in the fleet and their drivers. Another reason drivers are more likely to accept the job is because mobile fleet management solutions make their work-life easier. There is less paperwork, improved safety, and more preventative vehicle maintenance etc.

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