GPS Fleet Management with Accurate Posted Road Speed Alerts

Accurate Posted Road Speed Alerts with our GPS Fleet Management Systems

We realize that when signing up for any GPS fleet management system accurate posted road speed alerts are often considered quite important. NAVTEQ, the industry-recognized maker of digital maps for GPS navigation, is the data source for companies that use posted road speed information. While the company’s in-house programmers are constantly working to improve their map, location, and traffic data, the North American posted road speed information is far from completed. Another company, OpenStreetMap, takes a different approach and relies on its community members to improve the quality of its maps by contributing daily to posted road speed information. According to the OpenStreetMap Wiki, the company “creates and distributes free geographic data for the world”. Its users can report errors by using its Notes feature or editing the map directly.

In order to provide our customers with the most complete data available to ensure they get very accurate posted road speed alerts, we use an advanced algorithm that combines the best of BOTH data sets (NAVTEQ & OpenStreetMap data). This combined information is not perfect but by using both sets of data we have eliminated many of the existing gaps in the individual sets therefore resulting in the most precise road speed alerts possible for our customers. In addition, our unique algorithm uses driving context information. The GPS position of the vehicle before the point in question and what the vehicle does next are used to ensure we latch on to the correct road to find its posted speed. For example, this allows us to differentiate between highways and feeder roads that are near highways.

We are currently at the forefront of delivering reliable end-to-end fleet management technology to both small and large commercial business across North America. Our advanced algorithm for getting the most accurate posted road speed alerts possible will help your fleet be safer with our GPS fleet management solution.

If you want accurate posted road speed alerts to ensure safer fleet management through our GPS fleet management system, Contact Us today!