Product Update Notes: September 2021

New updates allow users to more easily access the data they need the most.


Mississauga, ON – September 28, 2021 – This month ZenduIT announced updates for their ZenduCAM/Trax and BusETA apps to improve their products and offer seamless user experience to customers. 


Now Available: Reports UI updates to ZenduCAM TRAX


Horizontal Rows: Our new table style has horizontal rows that provide the most separation between data points.



Manipulate Data with Filters: Users are now able to manipulate data presented in the table. Filtering data helps users find what they’re looking for, gain different insights, and make comparisons.



Groups: We have developed a dropdown design, which allows users to choose the incidents they want to see from each group. 



Search: Allows users to search for specific incidents.


Common Action Prioritization
: This will allow users to complete common actions quickly and without having to navigate to a new page, saving users time and frustration from having to complete simple, repetitive tasks.



Customizable Columns: Users can customize column widths based on different content density to adjust visibility as per their needs and requirements and different screen sizes.



Customizable Column Data: Enable users to choose what data is included in their table. This functionality allows the user to add, remove, and reorder columns based on their use case. Additionally, this feature can include the ability to save column preferences if repeated use is likely.



Now Available: Add Multiple Travelers on a Route with BusETA


School admins can now assign multiple travellers on a single route thanks to UX enhancements on our BusETA app. This will save admin’s time when assigning routes to multiple travellers and, (if applicable) allow parents to track their children who are going to the same school using the same routes under one app.


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