Real Time Fleet Tracking: GoFleet’s Ultimate Solution

GoFleet’s Real Time Fleet Tracking: The Ultimate Solution

Real time fleet tracking is the ultimate fleet management solution. It is a powerful tool that allows fleet managers to effectively run day-to-day operations, improve customer satisfaction, and keep their trucks on the road.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

GoFleet’s real time fleet tracking helps businesses improve customer satisfaction. Employees are able to provide a higher quality customer service. When a customer calls to find out what time a driver is supposed to arrive at their location, your dispatchers will be able to view the vehicle’s location and provide the customer with an accurate estimated time of arrival.

Your customers will also appreciate a shorter service window. Unlike many of your competitors, you will be able to tell your customer when they can expect your driver. For example, many companies give a 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. service window. That means the customer will have to wait at their location 5 hours for service. You will be able to confidently tell your customers your driver will arrive within 45 minutes with traffic.

When your customer needs urgent or emergency service, they will be surprised how fast your driver arrives at their location. GoFleet’s real time fleet tracking system lets dispatchers send the closest vehicle to the job site. In addition, your drivers will have more efficient routes to get them to the location using the shortest and fastest route possible. Improved customer service leads to more business, long-term customers, high customer retention rates and it gives you a competitive advantage.

Keep Your Trucks On The Road

Your drivers cannot work when your vehicles are in the shop. GoFleet’s real time fleet tracking helps to keep your vehicles on the road using convenient automobile maintenance alerts to remind the managers, shop personnel and drivers that the vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance. Getting your business vehicles maintained on time, equals reduced downtime and higher productivity. Furthermore, the real time fleet tracking system reports mileage automatically. Your drivers will not be responsible for writing down the mileage or letting you know their vehicle is due for maintenance.