Venice Installs Small Real Time GPS Tracking Device on Gondolas

Local Venetian Government Installs Small Real Time GPS Tracking Devices

Venice’s famous gondolas—the very essence of old Europe – will now be fitted with small real time GPS tracking devices to prevent the kind of accident that killed a German tourist two months ago, and also to alleviate the heavy traffic that clogs the city’s waterways.

Local papers reported that Venice’s municipal officials became concerned about maritime safety after a German professor died when the gondola he rode collided with a ‘vaporetto’ waterbus, a much larger vehicle that is operated by Azienda del Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano, the city’s public transportation system.

To address safety concerns, effective beginning November 4th, each gondola will not only include a small real time GPS tracking device (to monitor its movements and speed), but will also be outfitted with an external numbered plate and reflectors to make the boats more visible after dark. This comes after the city has installed 40 CCTV cameras along the Grand Canal to observe and identify any gondolier who violate the rules of the water.

Under these new policies, about 5,000 vessels—including water taxis, will be mandated to have small real time GPS tracking devices installed.

In addition to these policies, given that the gondolier involved in the earlier fatality, Stefano Pizzaggia, was found to have cocaine and cannabis in his system, other gondoliers may face regular blood and urine tests.

The president of the gondoliers’ association, Aldo Reato, has refused to comment on the new policies, saying he will reserve judgment on the new rules until after their implementation.

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