GPS Fleet Tracking & How it Works

Understanding How GPS Fleet Tracking Works

GPS is a remarkable form of technology that is being used more and more nowadays both by individuals and within business. It offers a number of very beneficial features to any company relying on a fleet of vehicles to deliver their product or service, and anyone running such a business should certainly consider investing in GPS Fleet Tracking. Before you go ahead and make a purchase however, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of how GPS works, and then you can determine whether or not it is something from which you could benefit.

Fleet tracking and GPS relies on satellites that orbit the Earth, of which there are 24 that are active and constantly transmitting signals back and forth, to and from GPS tracking devices on the ground. Triangulation is necessary in order to pin point the exact location of the device and this requires at least three satellites working together. Location can be determined based on the time that the signal takes to bounce back and forth and the distance between each of the satellites. With GPS fleet tracking, a device is connected to each of your vehicles, allowing you to know the exact location of each one with incredible accuracy.