Automobile Tracking Devices: Improve Your Business

Improve Your Business With Automobile Tracking Devices

GPS uses satellite signals to track your vehicles’ location. It is such a precise system, it is able to pinpoint your vehicles’ actual location within only yards. Over the years, GPS automobile tracking devices have played a huge part in fleet management.

Improved Dispatching

The automobile tracking devices is used with a web-based software that your dispatchers can access from their computer or mobile device. It allows for better dispatching of drivers because the dispatchers no longer have to make judgment calls as to when the vehicle will arrive and where the vehicle is located. If a customer calls regarding the status of a driver, the dispatcher will be able to give an accurate estimated time of arrival. Furthermore, the dispatcher can send the closest driver to an urgent service call. The automobile tracking devices makes the dispatching more timely and improves the quality of service you deliver to your customers.

Efficient Routing

Using automobile tracking devices also provides more efficient routing. Automatic routes are provided using your customers address data. Drivers will be given the smartest route to each customer’s location. With efficient routing, your drivers will be able to arrive at more customer locations each day ultimately adding money to your bottom line. Improved routing will save time, increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption.

GPS Navigation

Automobile tracking devices have another great benefit, navigation. You no longer have to worry about your drivers getting lost in a remote location or unfamiliar territory. Drivers can end up wasting a lot of time if they get lost, ask for directions or keep stopping to check the map. Automobile tracking devices provide turn-by-turn audible directions to save time, fuel expenses and improve driver safety.

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