Why Choose GoFleet As Your Geotab Partner?

Finding the Right Geotab Partner

Geotab relies on a partner ecosystem to allow the technology they develop to be successfully represented, rolled out, and grow with ongoing customer needs. So how does a fleet choose which telematics provider is the best fit for their needs in the short AND long term?

Here is Geotab’s view of how to find out with a quick quiz:

Question 1
Will the information that is collected for your business be used by more than one department (fleet maintenance, fleet management, sales CRM, field force dispatch, risk management, claims management, government compliance, finance)?

Question 2
Is your IT team looking to standardize the various software programs needed to run a business today (payroll, CRM) along with some industry specific programs (route scheduling, IFTA)?

Question 3
Does your company have the in-house resources to watch the overall health of all deployed data collection telematics devices – ensuring uptime of all installed units?

Question 4
Does your company have the in-house analysts to inject your collected data into your company’s evolving business objectives?

If you answered yes to ANY of the 4 questions, Geotab may well be your best choice of a technology solution to rely on. If you answered yes and have already deployed with a different telematics provider, we would be happy to talk with you about making the switch. As a business, your freedom to operate and evolve is essential and that’s what the Geotab telematics operating system with GoFleet’s partnership approach is all about.

As a Geotab partner we resell their technology with additional applications and services; while also offering a business partnership approach and working with you on a regular basis. We take pride on never once having a customer who has not saved more money than our solution cost them and work closely with all our clients to ensure this high level of return on investment is maintained.

As an Authorized Geotab Reseller, we receive routine weekly training on best practices in deploying Geotab technology, business case studies, new features, and upcoming developments on the horizon. Geotab works with us daily to ensure our high level product knowledge and performance is maintained.

For businesses, there is a fog of telematics companies who on the surface appear to offer the same features and functions. But focus on the 4 questions and think of how together we will provide new business intelligence for you to use to grow and increase revenue.

Contact us to learn more about the partnership approach we take with each of our customers, and how we can generate the return on investment you are looking for.

Original Article By: Colin Sutherland, VP Sales & Marketing at Geotab