Commercial GPS For Trucks: Simplifying Fleet Management

Simplify Fleet Management With GoFleet’s Commercial GPS For Trucks

Managing a fleet can be extremely stressful and complex. When the fleet is a critical component of your business it causes the fleet management task to be even more stressful. Commercial GPS for trucks by GoFleet can make your life easier by simplifying the fleet management process.

Commercial tracking system lets you see where all your vehicles are located at all times right from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. That information is extremely useful; however, that is only the beginning of what a fleet management solution can do for you. It also provides a complete vehicle history of where the vehicle has been since the commercial GPS for truck system was installed in your fleet. If you notice an issue with a vehicle, you can easily download the vehicle’s history and analyze why the issue is occurring. This feature allows you to be able to identify any issues and take immediate correction action.

Another great feature of GoFleet’s commercial GPS for trucks is the instant alerts that can be set up. If a driver is speeding, driving aggressively, idling excessively, hard breaking or driving out of the predefined area, an instant alert can be sent to your email or displayed in the fleet management system dashboard to notify you of the issue. Knowing this information when it happens gives you the opportunity to address the problem and have it corrected immediately. The notifications can also be set up to remind you of upcoming vehicle maintenance based on engine hours, time or mileage. Making sure your vehicles receive all necessary preventative maintenance can increase the useful life of your fleet vehicles.

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