Control Monitoring System

Control Monitoring System | CMMS

Maintenance Assistant Monitoring is an OEM machine-to-enterprise CMMS that enables real-time maintenance work orders and notifications to be created from the meters, triggers, alerts, alarms and state data provided by equipment and control monitoring systems. It will help you implement effective preventive maintenance, avoid costly unexpected breakdowns, and improve safety and regulatory compliance.

With Maintenance Assistant Monitoring you can connect and sync with Obix, Tridium and other machine interfaces using our adapters.

sync with existing control monitoring systems

Associate your machine alarm, meter and sensor point data with preventative maintenance schedules.

preventative maintenance schedules

Connected devices can instantly add themselves to your CMMS database saving you tons of set up time.

control monitoring system

Maintenance Assistant Monitoring can create detailed reports from machine point data to give you valuable insights on how your equipment is running.

detailed reports customized data