Fire and HazMat

Fire and HazMat Worker Safety and Protection

Who’s watching out for your team?
From residential fires to landfills, public safety employees face the hazards of toxic gases every single day. What can you do to prevent accidents and injuries to your workers?

Our remote monitoring devices, gas detectors and GPS locators can help you stay in control of the risks your team faces.

Gas detection
Set up semi-permanently on a work-site or landfill, or take on the job to a fire or hazardous clean-up, our gas detectors are an accurate and technically advanced network of sensors capable of detecting and reading hazardous levels of toxic chemicals. With real-time monitoring and an easy-to-read screen, our gas detectors are a must-have for hazardous clean-up, public safety, and First-Response teams.

GPS Locators
Our GPS locators provide real-time monitoring and let you see your team at all times. Tracking crew members around a large clean-up or firefighters through a fire, these devices keep you in the know about everyone’s position, and can help you find them in an unexpected event.

Remote Monitoring
The Control Center Interface, a portable device with easy-to-use software integrates gas detection and location devices to let you monitor and respond to risk anytime, anywhere. From truck to office, the Control Center Interface keeps you informed on-the-go.

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