Oil and Gas Worker Safety and Protection

Oil and Gas Worker Protection and Safety

Who’s watching out for your team?
Danger is always present when you’re working in the oil industry. Combustible and hazardous gases are harnessed and used on a daily basis, it is important to keep safety on the front of everyone’s minds and safety solutions close at hand. What can you do to stop accidents and injury?

Our Sensor Solution line of gas detectors, lone employee tracker, and remote monitoring devices can help you stay in control of the dangerous risks your team faces regularly.

Gas Detectors
Semi-permanently set up on an off-shore oil rig, or carried into an area where a spill may have occurred, our gas detectors are an accurate and technically advanced network of sensors capable of reading and detecting hazardous levels of toxic chemicals. With real-time monitoring and an easy-to-read screen, gas detectors are a must-have for ensuring the safety of your employees.

Lone Employee Tracker
Our lone worker employee trackers let you see your team at all times. These devices keep you aware of your team’s positions whether that be tracking drillers or roughnecks through an area where an accident has occurred or, tracking crew members around a large clean-up.

Remote Monitoring
The control center interface is capable of harnessing all of your detectors, and lone worker trackers for remote monitoring capabilities. Extremely easy to use, and critical to control and communicate with the entire team in the event of an accident. Keep in control and stay aware, even remotely.

Real-Time Visibility for Oil and Gas Workers

Our high-quality detection and location devices allow you to monitor and respond to risk anytime, anywhere. From truck to office, the solutions keep you informed on-the-go.

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