Fleet Management Tracking: Plumbing Industry Benefits

Plumbing Fleet Tracking Benefits From Fleet Management

Companies in the plumbing industry have found many unexpected benefits when they implement GoFleet’s fleet management tracking solution. In addition to knowing where their vehicles are located in real-time, they also have gained simplified dispatching and driver management.

Fleet management tracking helps plumbing companies deal with a wide range of operational challenges they face each day from efficient routing and dispatching to managing service calls and customer satisfaction. These benefits, on their own, are extremely beneficial to business owners. However, once the fleet management tracking system is implemented, many owners are surprised when they discover that the fleet management system also increases the company’s bottom line.

A common problem many plumbing companies face is misuse of plumbing equipment and vehicles. These issues are often extremely time-consuming for managers to deal with and they have a negative effect on productivity. Reduced productivity can reduce the company’s potential profit and hurt the plumbing company’s reputation due to poor customer service and delayed service calls. Implementing a fleet management tracking system will prevent these issues from arising and keep the productivity levels high.

Using GoFleet’s fleet management tracking solution can also reduce a plumbing company’s labor costs. Plumbing technicians are able to clock in and out using the start/stop driving time on the GPS device. All service call arrival and departure times will be recorded throughout the day. This will ensure that labor costs are accurate. Many companies find that payroll expenses are immediately reduced, after the fleet management tracking system is implemented, because they have accurate labor costs.

The Aberdeen Group conducted a study to determine the productivity levels of companies with fleet operations. They found that the companies with the highest level of productivity (80% or higher) used a fleet management tracking system to manage their fleet. Companies without a fleet management system, in general, had a low productivity level (55% or lower). Implementing GoFleet’s fleet management tracking system improves business operations in many areas including increased fuel efficiency, safer driving habits, increased productivity and proper vehicle maintenance in addition to the more obvious benefits. Improving these areas of the business increases fleet utilization and efficiency as well as improving the company’s reputation and profit margin.

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