Fleet Tracking Solution Benefits Moving Companies

Moving Companies Find A Fleet Tracking Solution Highly Beneficial

GoFleet’s fleet tracking solution is extremely beneficial for moving companies; it provides you with efficient routing information, reduces costs, increases fuel efficiency and saves time. Additionally, a fleet tracking solution allows you to provide your customers with an accurate time of arrival. This is especially important in the moving industry because your customers are eagerly awaiting their possessions.

There are many great benefits to implementing a GoFleet tracking solution at your moving company including: .

Live Traffic Updates: When your customers are waiting on their deliveries, traffic nightmares can cause you a lot of stress. With GoFleet’s fleet tracking solution, you can avoid traffic jams by having your driver take an alternate route and getting them off of the road before they get stuck.

Customer Satisfaction: Many customers choose to hire moving companies with GPS tracking services. They want to be able to know where their belongings are and when they will arrive. In the case of a service delay, it is important that you are able to tell your customers exactly where their items are. When you have a fleet tracking solution, you will be able to give your customers the best possible moving experience.

Justify Your Billing: Many moving companies charge for their services on an hourly basis. When you have a GoFleet fleet tracking solution, you will be able to provide reports for every mile your moving truck drives from the original location to the final destination including any stops made. If there is a billing dispute, you will have evidence to ensure the hours were recorded accurately and back up your billing.

Save On Fuel Costs: When you implement a fleet tracking solution from GoFleet, you will be able to drastically reduce your fuel costs. More efficient routing means your drivers will spend less time driving from point-to-point. Alerts can be sent instantly to your fleet managers if your drivers are wasting fuel by speeding, excessively idling for climate control or deviating from their route. Your managers will be able to contact your movers to make sure they correct this behavior immediately.