GPS Fleet Tracking Program – Constantly Strive To Improve Your Fleet

Constantly Strive To Improve Your Fleet With A GPS Fleet Tracking Program

A GPS fleet tracking program does more than just provide locational reporting for each of your drivers. It allows you to closely measure your gas efficiency, driver behavior, engine hours, seat belt usage, vehicle stop locations, driver working hours and job site location information, as well as many other things. The GPS fleet tracking program can be used to constantly improve fleet operations.

How To Constantly Improve Fleet Operations Using Your GPS Fleet Tracking Program

1. Select Core Issues That Impact Your Fleet Operation. Every fleet is different. Issues that occur in one fleet operation may not occur in yours. The key to improving your fleet is to select a manageable number of fleet measurements that you would like to focus on.

2. Any issues must be addressed immediately. For example, a fleet manager discovers that several employees are driving dangerously. The fleet manager discusses the issue with the drivers.

3. Take corrective action. For example, the fleet manager has the drivers complete a dangerous driving training program at the office before they are allowed to get back on the road. The customized training addresses the specific issues for the driver and, therefore, has a higher success rate.

4. Reassess the fleet operations and select new measurements. Once a fleet issue is under control, for the most part, it is time to select new issues to be addressed. Add new fleet measurements to your list of constantly measured performance indicators. Think of it as continually improving your fleet operations by tightening the belt and asking for more. Consider altering previous metrics to improve operations. For example, if you received a report for all drivers with idling times more than 10%, consider changing that report to notify you of drivers that idle more than 7% of driving time.

5. Involve the entire organization in making your fleet operation more efficient. Do not just measure and monitor your low level drivers behaviors, gas usage and stop locations using your GPS fleet tracking program. For fleet operations to successfully be improved, you must involve the entire organization including business owners and managers. Setting the tone from the top lets all drivers know how seriously the business is taking fleet improvements.

6. Post measurement data where all drivers can see it. Once you put a GPS fleet tracking program into action, presenting measurements where all drivers can see them creates friendly competition and positive peer pressure between the drivers. The numbers will begin to improve immediately because nobody wants to be at the bottom of the driver scorecard.

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