GPS Tracking Technology Used to Propose To Girlfriend

Sky-writing a marriage proposal is no longer original; this raised the bar and led a man to take a journey through Japan to produce an epic marriage proposal. Japanese artist Yasushi Takahashi (also known as Yassan), quit his job to travel through Japan covering over 4,300+ miles in six months. This journey Yassan took on was done mostly on foot and sometimes by bicycle, car or ferry.

GPS tracking technology was used to track every step of the way as he journeyed all the way from Hokkaido Island to Hyodo Cliff on Kyushu Island where he ended his travels. Everywhere he went was planned perfectly to ensure the words “Marry Me” including a heart complete with an arrow through it were executed correctly.

It started in 2008 when Yassan, who at the time was 31, quit his job and planned his journey through Japan. The motivation for his trip was to experience a Japan he only knew in books and to draw out his marriage proposal for his girlfriend using GPS tracking technology.

To go along with his unique proposal, Yassan created a video seven minutes in length describing his once in a lifetime journey. It’s made up of seven chapters, each one showcasing the different stages of his trek. The footage contains photos of his many experiences such as trekking down bad roads, eating fresh seafood, visiting hot springs, and climbing Mt. Fuji.

Yassan’s marriage proposal is the world’s largest and currently holds the Guinness Record for the world’s largest GPS drawing at 4,451 miles in length!


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