How Fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Increase Savings

If you run a fleet business, it is in your best interest to do everything you can in order to maximize efficiency and optimize performance on all fronts. We provide a cutting-edge fleet GPS vehicle tracking technology that will help you accomplish this. GoFleet’s GPS vehicle tracking technology will help you keep track of all your vehicles at all times, empower you to monitor driving behaviors of your employees and ensure that risky behaviour that can jeopardize your company’s reputation is rectified.

How vehicle tracking can increase your savings

There are many different ways in which fleet GPS vehicle tracking can increase your savings and cut costs. One of these ways is by limiting insurance payouts. Obviously, all of your vehicles need to be insured and you will have to file claims from time to time. However, the premiums that you pay on a monthly basis can go down with the help of fleet GPS vehicle tracking. It has been shown over and over again that having such a system installed will increase the safety rating of your business. For starters, your drivers will drive more carefully now that they know that everything they do is monitored and uploaded to a database.

This alone is enough to decrease the number of accidents and traffic violations that you end up paying for. In time, having a better safety record will result in lower premiums on your insurance policies. However, just the addition of the fleet GPS Vehicle Tracking System is enough to decrease the costs on insurance since it can be considered to be a safety feature. If you let your insurer know that you installed such a system, you might be able to negotiate a better rate for you right there on the spot.

Another major boost for savings obtained from fleet GPS vehicle tracking comes in the form of fuel efficiency. Each minute your employees are driving around needlessly, they are wasting fuel and, therefore, costing you money. Again, the simple fact that they know that their routes are being monitored will prevent them from taking that little detour to take care of non-business matters on the company’s watch. GoFleet GPS vehicle tracking will give you the confidence that you will need as a decision maker in your organization. You will see both short-term and long-term benefits when you integrate us into your platform.

Then there are also instances where drivers are being inefficient through no fault of their own. Let’s say that a job gets cancelled while a truck is already on its way or maybe a storm hits and a tree blocks access to a road. With the help of fleet GPS vehicle tracking, you will be able to monitor the situation closely and make adjustments accordingly. The GPS vehicle tracking system will find the best alternative route for the vehicles so that they reach their new destinations as quickly as possible.