Top 8 Heavy Vehicle Driver Safety Tips

Heavy Vehicle Driver Safety Tips

There is nothing more important than safety on the road, and it is a two-way street. Most truck, logistics and haulage companies as well as their drivers take it quite seriously.

From the 1980’s to today overall heavy vehicle driver safety has improved. There are multiple reasons for this, including vehicle design and better roads, limiting speeds and many more, but a lot of it probably comes from the development of better safety policies and an increase in safety awareness.

Here are a few heavy vehicle driver safety tips:

  1. Safety is always priority number one
    Heavy haulage is significantly more dangerous than office work.
  2. Defensive driver training
    It is important to teach drivers how to deal with the unexpected and avoid problems before they happen. Our devices offer in-cabin driver feedback to help train your drivers to eliminate bad driving habits.
  3. Know what to do in the case of an accident
    It is crucial drivers are aware of their responsibilities and the safest way to deal with accidents
  4. Regular maintenance and inspections
    Keeping your haulage fleet in excellent working order is critical to staying safe. GoFleet offers many solutions to help ensure your fleet is always in top shape, check these out: Diagnostic Vehicle Data, Maintenance Assistant, Tire Monitoring.
  5. Engage drivers in keeping a safe workplace
    Encourage drivers to report any potentially dangerous situations they encounter. Discuss safety on a regular basis including driver input. If everyone works together and looks out for one another it will make it easy to ensure workplace safety.
  6. Conduct pre-trip inspections
    Make sure there are no leaks and lights, brakes, and steering are in working order.
  7. Avoid tiredness
    Driving while tired is often compared to driving while drunk. There is no cure for fatigue other than sleep, make sure your drivers are getting enough rest.
  8. Check the weather regularly
    Driving conditions can be greatly affected by weather conditions and being aware of the weather forecast before heading out on the road can come in handy.

For more information on GPS fleet tracking and/or information on how GoFleet can help with heavy vehicle driver safety, contact us today.

Source: Fleet Safety & Efficiency. Top 12 Heavy Vehicle Driver Safety Tips