Waste Management Industry Clean Up With GPS Technology

GPS Technology and the Waste Management Industry

The importance of the waste management industry cannot be understated. That trash piled up in your lunch room or office space has to go somewhere, and we are certainly glad to see it leave when the familiar sound of a trash truck rumbles down the street. Getting rid of annoying daily trash, however, isn’t the only service this industry provides. Waste management companies provide environmental services that eliminate hazardous materials that come in the form of liquid and solid wastes. They collect these wastes from businesses and residential locations so that our environment can remain safe. With this kind of burden on the shoulders of businesses in this industry, it’s important to be assured that trash trucks are completing their routes on time, and correctly cleaning up the neighborhoods. It is also important to make sure that drivers are safely executing their work, and hitting every stop on their route.

New Ways to Clean

GPS tracking technology has infiltrated this industry in a grand way, letting companies manage risk, maintain efficiency, and even lower spending. With the installation of a simple device, the waste management industry has found a brand new way to clean up the earth. With GoFleet’s Geotab GO GPS tracking device, GoFleet is helping these companies implement cost-savings, safer drivers, and more efficient measures to assist in their daily routines. With the ability to track fleet vehicle locations, GoFleet is able to provide our waste management clients with significant amounts of useful data. Companies can utilize this service to ensure efficient routes are being taken. This not only saves time and billable hours by identifying more efficient routes, but also saves on fuel costs. With the reporting features of the latest GPS tracking devices, vehicle maintenance needs can be identified ahead of time, instead of costly towing services being called once the vehicle breaks down.

The Benefits Just Keep on Coming…

Saving money is a great motivator, but reducing liability combined with the ability to track and train drivers is better! GoFleet’s GPS vehicle tracking devices show theft protection measures, as well as protection measures that include accident re-creation. These lead to lowered insurance costs for your company, but with an added benefit of reducing your liability. Fleet Managers are consistently searching for ways to keep their drivers safe, as well as ways to make sure their drivers are keeping other drivers safe. Our Audible Driver Coaching GPS Trackers offer just one of the ways to help this issue. By providing an accelerometer built into the system, the tracker can provide feedback on how drivers are taking care of their vehicles. Hard braking and harsh acceleration are two of the types of information this feature tracks. By observing these types of behaviours, waste management companies can ensure their drivers are completing their work in an appropriate manner, keeping them, the vehicle, and the surrounding public safe. In addition, compliance issues can be significantly reduced with the utilization of this technology. Hours of Service, as well as Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports are easily created and maintained, never leaving the paperwork to collect uncompleted on a desk.

With so many unique features and benefits available with GPS technology at GoFleet, why wait to try it out? Check out a demo and try the program free for 30 days!