January 2016 Software and Firmware Updates from Geotab

Preview the latest updates to Geotab’s software applications and firmware. To verify whether changes have been updated in your system, go to Administration > About and check the build number, which indicates the month of release, e.g. 5.7.1601.xxx release/2016-01.

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In this Edition:

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  • Reporting Enhancements
    + View Unmatched Fuel Transactions in the Fill-ups Report
  • Map & Vehicle Enhancements
    + View Lock Option on Live Map
    + Additional Map Types Available
    + Pin Device Toggle Renamed
  • HOS/DVIR Enhancements (MyGeotab & Geotab Drive)
    + Vehicle/Trailer Confirmation on Login
    + DVIR Defect List Templates
    + Duty Status Logs Comments in Advanced Report
    + Duty Status Log Origins
    + Multiple DOT Carrier Support
    + Automatic Log Verification on Logout
    + Status Change on Logout
  • SDK Additions
    + New Driver Feedback Recipient Types
    + Third-party Data Access
  • Driver Feedback Changes
    + Late Notifications Option
  • Localization
  • Minor User Interface Enhancements


Reporting Enhancements

View Unmatched Fuel Transactions in the Fill-ups Report

Imported fuel transactions not matched to a vehicle can now be viewed in the Fill-ups report as a display option. Unmatched transactions will be listed under “Unknown Vehicle.” This is useful when importing fuel card transactions into MyGeotab.

mygeotab fillups unknown vehicle

Figure 1: Unmatched transaction toggle in the Fill-Ups report.
mygeotab unmatched fuel transaction

Figure 2: Display of unmatched fuel transaction in MyGeotab.

Map & Vehicle Enhancements

View Lock Option on Live Map

A Lock this view option has been added to the Live Map. Once locked, the screen will stay on a specific view, even when the map refreshes, instead of following the moving vehicles. This new option is beneficial for fleet managers who need to monitor activities in a specific area on the map, such as a work yard.

To enable this option, click Map, then Views, and Lock this view.

mygeotab lock view live map

Figure 3: Lock view on live map.

Additional Map Types Available

In MyGeotab, all users have access to Google and OpenStreetMap based maps. OpenStreetMap is maintained by communities all over the world and updated frequently. Users can now select from additional default map types, including HERE Maps and Custom map tiles, which can be selected from Administration > System… > System Settings, under the Maps tab.

mygeotab additional map types

Figure 4: Additional map types in MyGeotab.

Pin Device Toggle Renamed

The Pin device toggle on the Vehicle Edit > More Details page, has been renamed to Disable automatic vehicle management for clarification. Clicking the help button displays a detailed description of the option (as shown below).

mygeotab pin device disable vehicle

Figure 5: Disable automatic vehicle management toggle description.

Hours of Service / Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

To align with the new FMCSA regulations, Geotab has made several changes to HOS/DVIR in MyGeotab and the Geotab Drive app. Please note: Version 3.1.22 for Geotab Drive has been released and is available in the Google Play Store. Updated features in Geotab Drive 3.1.22 include:

  • Improved login/logout process
  • Mark HOS logs as automatic or manual
  • Multiple DOT Carrier Support available
  • Bug fixes

Vehicle/Trailer Confirmation on Login

Upon login, Geotab Drive will ask the driver to select and confirm the vehicle and attached trailer in use, before going to the Dashboard screen.

DVIR Defect List Templates

Setting up a Defect List in MyGeotab is now easier thanks to templates! Customers can use the templates as a starting point and then add or delete defaults to suit their needs. Note: The Default Trailer and Default Vehicle templates are compliant with U.S. DVIR regulations and Schedule 1, 2, and 3 are compliant with Canadian DVIR requirements.

To add a template, go to the Defect Lists page (Engine & Maintenance > DVIR, click the Defects button), open the Add drop down menu, select the desired template, modify the defects if applicable, then click Save.

mygeotab DVIR defect list templates

Figure 6: Defect List templates.

Duty Status Logs Comments in Advanced Report

A Comments column has been added to the Data tab on both the default and advanced Duty Status Logs Excel reports. Accessing annotated notes will make it easier to identify and correct log errors.

mygeotab defect list templates

Figure 7: Defect List templates.

Duty Status Logs Comments in Advanced Report

A Comments column has been added to the Data tab on both the default and advanced Duty Status Logs Excel reports. Accessing annotated notes will make it easier to identify and correct log errors.

geotab drive hos log origin

Figure 8: Log Origin in Geotab Drive App.
geotab drive hos duty status log

Figure 9: Log origin is shown on each Duty Status Log in MyGeotab.

Multiple DOT Carrier Support

MyGeotab now supports different DOT numbers for drivers residing within the same database. MyGeotab users can designate the Main office address and Carrier number for each driver in the User Options > Hours of Service Settings.

hos dot settings driver options

Figure 10: DOT settings in driver options.

Automatic Log Verification on Logout

When logging out of the Geotab Drive app, all unverified logs will be automatically displayed for verification. The driver has the option to skip the verification; however, the best practice is to verify logs at the end of each shift.

Note: Logs are available for verification for 14 days and after this time they are no longer compliant.

geotab hos drive verify upon logout

Figure 11: Verification upon logout now automatic.

Status Change on Logout

Geotab Drive now allows drivers to choose a duty status before logging out. Previously, the app would automatically set the status to Off Duty when logging out. Status options include: Off Duty, On Duty, or Sleeper Berth.

geotab hos drive status change

Figure 12: Status change options on log out.

Driver Feedback Changes

Late Notifications

Notifications for server side rules can now be sent to drivers even if the exception has passed. This is relevant in situations where connectivity is poor, or if the device is not on the ProPlus plan. For more information on this update, please read this post.[Post Don’t Delay blog post first and then link back to it]

To enable late notifications, go to Exception Rule Edit > Notifications > Add Driver Feedback, click On and select a feedback option.

geotab driver feedback late notification

Figure 13: Late Notification option for driver feedback.


SDK Updates can also be viewed in the What’s New section of the MyGeotab SDK.

In relation to the new Driver Feedback settings, the SDK now includes new recipient types to send even if there is a delay in the data:

  • BeepTenTimesRapidlyAllowDelay
  • BeepThreeTimesAllowDelay
  • BeepThreeTimesRapidlyAllowDelay
  • TextToSpeechAllowDelay
  • .Net users will require a dll update

Support for third-party messages has been added to the public API. Users can now access third-party data in SDK add-ins.

New Objects:

  • IoxAddOn
  • KnownIoxAddOnType
  • IoxAddOnSearch
  • IoxOutputContent
  • SerialIoxContent
  • GoTalkContent
  • .Net users will require a dll update



Geotab is pleased to offer a Vietnamese language option for MyGeotab and the Product Guide.


Minor UI Improvements

  • Updated text for Japanese and Spanish versions.
  • Edit forms are improved for mobile devices.
  • The fill-ups and speed profile icons have been changed to a bar chart icon.


For More Information

Please contact our support team – they will be happy to assist you.

Original Post by: Angie Milne, Solutions Specialist at Geotab