Benefits of Mobile Fleet Management

Mobile Fleet Management Makes Managing Your Fleet Easier

Mobile Fleet Management is the future of managing your fleet. Since the 1990s, the internet has touched and changed almost every aspect of our lives by enabling quick and simple communication, from anywhere on the globe. This interconnectivity has allowed businesses to learn about changing conditions and react to them faster than ever before. With the rise of smart mobile technology, this phenomenon has been accelerated even further. What this means for telematics is that businesses can keep up-to-date with their fleet in real-time through phones, tablets, and computers.

Mechanical Information

A telematics solution that is mobile ready allows for up-to-date information on the state of your fleet at any time, virtually anywhere. Businesses can be notified instantly with our mobile fleet management solution when there is an issue with any of their vehicles. They can also take quick, decisive action to keep their fleet running optimally.

Accident Response

No business wants their drivers and vehicles getting into accidents. With our mobile fleet management solution, business owners, supervisors and managers can be notified immediately when a vehicle gets into an accident. Armed with this information, businesses can act quickly to determine what occurred and why.

Paperless Driver Input

Hours of Service (HOS) regulations require drivers to write down when they started driving, how long they were driving for, along with numerous other details. An app developed by a telematics provider, for example the Geotab Drive App, allows drivers to perform the tasks they need to perform more easily while also reducing the overhead for the business. At the push of a button, a driver can signal that he/she is now driving, with the app automatically recording the time and location. This information would stored in the cloud, allowing businesses to instantly get the current driving status of their drivers while eliminating the cost associated with organizing and storing paper logs.

The cost of mobile devices has been decreasing steadily while their computing power has been increasing. This creates a unique opportunity for business owners to leverage their power to stay in-tune with business activities at all times. A telematics solution that embraces mobile technology will allow businesses to make informed, smart decisions about their fleet instantaneously, from any device, anywhere.

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