New Partnership: Working With Samsara To Better Help Fleets

As the needs of businesses are continually evolving, it’s critical for organizations to stay on top of industry trends. This is amplified with it comes to the IoT and telematics sector as new tools and solutions are always transforming. With this in mind, GoFleet is excited to partner with Samsara! This partnership allows us to expand our solutions offerings to better help businesses stay efficient, safe and sustainable.

Partnership With Samsara

With Samsara’s help, we will now offer additional fleet management, asset tracking, camera and safety solutions. The core of these Samara offerings will provide businesses with end-to-end and cost-effective solutions that are billed monthly. In the past, Samsara has been highlighted to help those within various industries such as transportation and logistics, food and beverage, as well as state and local government. 

Fleet Management Solution 

Samsara offers end-to-end fleet management solutions that many businesses may find of interest as they offer a modern platform with real-time visibility in addition to AI-powered analytics. As the deadline for drivers is looming closer (or has already passed) for fleets to adopt innovative tools such as electronic logging devices, it’s critical for managers to find the right device for their needs as soon as possible. It’s important to note that Samsara’s fleet management solutions are able to connect to third party systems to improve real-time data and visibility efforts.

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Camera And Safety Solution

Samsara has numerous camera and safety solutions that fleets can take advantage of. Among the basic features of being able to collect video footage, Samsara dashcams and sensors can leverage computer vision. This allows it to automatically identify unsafe driving behaviour, offer in-cab voice coaching and conduct automatic upload. All of the features truly pushing businesses forward to a safer future. 

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Asset Tracking 

Lastly, Samsara offers various tracking options for fleets. Apart from offering basic trailer tracking to increase GPS visibility of your team, Samsara also offers wireless reefer and asset tracking products. So whether you’re looking to stay compliant to critical temperature monitoring regulations or monitoring where costly equipment is throughout the day, it can be done. 

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If you’re interested to learn more about our partnership with Samsara, and how it may benefit your new fleet management needs, contact us today!