Announcing: GoFleet’s Strategic Partnership With Samsara

Samsara is an industrial IoT leader who focuses on using wireless data, AI and camera technology to increase efficiency, safety and sustainability within fleets.

TORONTO, ON— GoFleet, a leader in fleet management and vehicle tracking technology, is excited to announce a new partnership with Samsara. Samsara is a leader in industrial IoT who offers numerous solutions for fleet-related industries. This partnership will allow GoFleet to continue to help customers with all of their IoT telematics and technology needs. As increased efficiency, safety and sustainability are goals that every manager is looking to improve, this partnership will help GoFleet continue to offer the best solutions in the marketplace for the benefit of all clients.


“We’re very excited about this partnership because it will help us better help our customers. Depending on the size of the business or what their company goals are, Samsaras’s telematics solutions may be very useful for their future growth.” – Vishal Singh, CTO


Currently, GoFleet offers numerous hardware and software solutions that businesses can utilize for improved fleet performance. Partnering with Samsara will only strengthen this offering as a powerful option in the marketplace. 


“We are excited to kick start this partnership between Samsara & GoFleet Telematics. GoFleet consistently provides robust connected fleet vehicle solutions to their customers and by incorporating Samsara into their portfolio, we can now help increase the sustainability, efficiency, and safety of more fleets across Canada together.” – Iain Denham, Sr Director, Global Partner Sales


To learn more about GoFleet’s new Samsara product offerings or how these solutions may benefit your business, please visit: or call 1.888.998.1122


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