Real Time GPS Tracking Systems Benefit Distribution Companies

Distribution Companies Benefit From Real Time GPS Tracking Systems

Efficiency is the name of the game for distribution companies. That is where GoFleet comes in. GoFleet offers real time GPS tracking systems especially designed for distribution companies. At any time, your distribution fleet manager can locate one of your trucks and accurately predict the delivery times for your clients.

GoFleet’s real time GPS tracking systems also can help distribution companies save money. Users report that money can be saved directly just from having the ability to audit lengthy delivery stops, idle times, shortening unauthorized breaks, and efficient routing. One fleet manger used the real time GPS tracking systems software to decrease the amount of time the drivers spent refueling their vehicles. The amount of time decreased from 36 minutes to 22 minutes per vehicle each day. Simply changing that one factor saved the company approximately $23,000 a year in drivers’ hourly pay.

Improve Customer Service

When your distribution company uses one of GoFleet’s real time GPS tracking systems, you can improve customer service by responding faster and providing more accountability. It is critical in your industry that you keep your customers happy in order to remain competitive. Using real-time GPS tracking systems, you can ensure your customers are satisfied with quick response times, accurate times of delivery and proof of delivery times.

Increase Productivity

Real-Time GPS tracking systems allow you to eliminate inefficiencies and save your employees’ time. They will be able to drive additional routes and make more deliveries each day which adds to your bottom line. Response times will be shortened with improved routing and being able to deploy the nearest vehicle. Your drivers will no longer have to receive constant calls to confirm the status of their delivery and their location. In addition, unnecessary paperwork for your drivers can be eliminated. They will no longer have to fill out mileage logs, arrival times, departure times or timesheets. All of that information will automatically be available to the fleet manager.

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