Satellite Tracking Device: Indispensable Business Tool

The Indispensable Business Tool: Satellite Tracking Device

For many businesses, the satellite tracking device has become an indispensable tool for fleet management and asset tracking. Originally, Global Positioning System, also known as GPS, was developed for the US military by the Department of Defense. Currently, GPS is available for civilian use all over the world. Businesses are learning how to leverage this extremely powerful technology to improve the way they conduct business.

GoFleet’s satellite tracking device helps managers effectively manage their fleets. The easy-to-use internet-based fleet management software provides accurate location information, route history and driving data including drivers’ behaviors. It has been proven that using GoFleet’s satellite tracking device can increase a company’s bottom line, reduce overhead costs, increase productivity, improve driver safety, and reduce fuel consumption. Effective fleet management can also help improve overall customer satisfaction.

The fleet management software gathers and organizes the driving data so that fleet managers can improve their operational efficiencies. Customizable reports and alerts can be set up to notify fleet managers of drivers’ behaviors such as speeding, excessive idling, aggressive driving, route deviation, unauthorized vehicle use and seat belt usage. Reminders can also be set for upcoming preventative maintenance based on vehicle mileage, engine hours or time.

In addition to fleet management, GoFleet’s SmartOne Sat can also be used to track a company’s assets such as equipment, containers or trailers. It is not enough to have a list of important company assets. Not keeping track of valuable company assets can lead to huge financial losses. It is critical for companies to know where their assets are located at all times. The SmartOne Satellite Tracking Device can be easily synchronized with GoFleet’s fleet management software for easy location.

GoFleet has other satellite device tracking options and add-ons such as Spot Tracker, vehicle cameras, tire monitoring, wireless gas detection, trailer temperature monitoring, Man Down System, and much more. For more information about GoFleet’s satellite tracking device or other fleet management tools, Contact Us.