Truck TPMS Made Simple with Drop & Hook

Drop & Hook Makes Truck TPMS Simple

Finding the right truck TPMS can be a challenge when different trailers are constantly hooked up on the truck. It often creates extra work for the driver and the fleet to ensure all tires on the trailer are being properly monitored. With GoFleet’s true automatic drop & hook, the trailer sensors and the tractor are paired automatically and wirelessly through the transceiver.

Our true, automatic drop and hook system was designed for the trucking industry specifically to overcome the tire monitoring challenge. The driver does not have to do anything except the normal trailer changing procedure. The tractor recognizes the new trailer automatically as soon as the trailer is attached.

Your tractors can be paired with any trailer in your fleet and the truck TPMS will recognize it automatically. The tire pressure monitoring system sensors will send immediate alerts to the fleet manager if the tire pressure is high or low, there is a fast or slow leak and if the temperatures are high. The alerts can be sent via SMS text message, email or posted on the dashboard. This allows for proactive truck TPMS management.

The drop and hook saves your company time and money. Since your tires will be automatically monitored with the truck TPMS, your drivers will not have to manually inspect their vehicle’s tire pressure. You will also not have to rely on the driver to report any issues with their tire pressure or temperature. Receiving instant alerts will notify you of potentially dangerous and costly tire issues before they become a problem.

The best part about GoFleet’s truck TPMS add-on is that it is fully integrated with our GPS fleet management software. The fleet manager is able to proactively monitor tire pressure and temperatures in the same place they manage their fleet operations.

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