Fleet Monitoring Systems Watch Your Fleet For You

Watch Your Fleet With GoFleet’s Fleet Monitoring Systems

GoFleet’s fleet monitoring systems can provide your business with many features and benefits that watch your fleet for you so you do not have to. There is no reason you have to spend your days obsessed with watching over your fleet when you have a fleet monitoring system. Your time can be spent taking care of more important aspects of your business. You can easily set up automatic alerts and customized reports to let you know if something is happening with your fleet.

Maintenance Monitoring

With GoFleet’s fleet monitoring systems, you no longer have to spend countless hours making sure each vehicle has received its preventative maintenance. You can easily set up triggers to create work orders for each of your vehicles maintenance activities such as oil changes, tune-ups, brake work, etc. based on engine hours, time and mileage.

Live Vehicle Tracking

With GoFleet’s fleet monitoring systems, you will always know exactly where your vehicles are and where they have been. You can set up instant alerts to notify you if a driver goes out of an authorized zone, speeds, drives aggressively, stops harshly, uses the vehicle after work hours or idles excessively. This will ensure your drivers are doing what they are supposed to be doing and are driving safely. Improving driver safety reduces unnecessary costs and liability associated with an accident.

You can also use live vehicle tracking to prevent theft. In the case of a theft, the GPS data can be used to recover the vehicle quickly. This will reduce the vehicle and drivers downtime in the event of a theft. It will also help you reduce the chance you will have to replace expensive stolen assets.

GoFleet’s fleet monitoring systems work like a monitoring system during working hours and a security system when you are closed. It is always keeping tabs on your fleet even when you can’t.