Car Tracking System Data Benefits Companies With Fleets

Companies With Fleets Benefit Form GoFleet’s Car Tracking System Data

Companies with fleet operations can benefit greatly from GoFleet’s car tracking system data. In addition to being used to protect the investment in your fleet, the data from the car tracking system can be used to effectively manage your drivers.

GoFleet’s car tracking system provides a large amount of data about your fleet operations. Types of information that you can receive include:

– Real time vehicle location

– Vehicle route history

– Proximity of vehicles to a specific location

– Alerts regarding speeding and other unsafe driving practices

– Alerts regarding inefficient fuel usage driving behaviors such as excessive idling

Vehicle maintenance reminders, schedule and history

– Vehicle theft recovery tools and protection

– Geo-fencing capabilities

– Efficient routing

– Alternate routing

Ways To Use GoFleet’s Car Tracking System Data

The abundant amount of data may seem overwhelming at first; however, the simplicity of GoFleet’s web based software makes it very easy to understand. It can be used to improve fleet operations in many ways including reducing fleet operating costs, improving efficiency, improving customer service, becoming more fuel efficient, reducing vehicle break downs and improving driver safety. Often times, businesses implement GoFleet’s car tracking system for vehicle location information and find out the data received helps them lower costs and improve fleet visibility.

Whether you use your fleet to make deliveries, provide services, transport customers, respond to emergencies or work in dangerous areas, your GoFleet car tracking system will help you in ways that are often unexpected. The investment in a car tracking system pays for itself in reduced fleet costs usually within a matter of months. As your fleet of vehicles becomes more productive and efficient with the car tracking system data and tools, your business will start to reap all of the benefits.

If you are not yet using a GoFleet car tracking system, you are missing out on many fleet management tools that can improve your business and make you more competitive. Contact Us today for more information.